All you need to know about Stages in Relationships

Relationships cannot be made in the blink of an eye. It requires constant communication, care, effort, perseverance, stability and time. Below are the different stages which lead to healthy, peaceful and long-lasting relationships:

Stage 1- Falling in love: When love happens at first sight without even knowing that individual. It rings a bell in your mind by sending love chemicals inside the brain at its peak, and the heart begins to pump harder giving you the feeling of being on cloud nine. For others, acceptance of being in love happens after several weeks, months or years of satisfied interaction with that special one on a regular basis. Whatever the reasons are, such people learn to adapt and grow with each other’s needs. Ignorance of flaws is bliss because this stage is all about walking through a bed of roses, creating memorable impressions and pleasing each other frequently.

Stage 2- Struggles to stay in love: This is the stage when most of the things start falling apart. It is a  reality check to identify each other’s fault findings, bitterness, complains about insecurity, jealousy, hatred, reduced care, attention and affection, more of ignorance, anger, and disappointments. Much of this stage goes into invading personal space, dealing frustration with fights, being dominant and scrutinize the bad habits of partners to a level that would make them wonder if that partner was the same person in love. This stage is also a deciding factor for this love to end or survive with the struggles.


Stage 3- The effort to overcome struggles in love: In this stage, the couples decide to stick with each other and find solutions by working together on problems. They accept individual differences, express gratitude more often, and appreciate the simplest acts of love, care, and compromises made for each other by giving no room to use force or dictate authority on each other. They understand the fact that they are incomplete without each other’s support and existence. When their efforts show no results to the couple, they seek professional help to end their woes.

Stage 4- Stability in love: This stage is reached when their love wins over problems making the couple realize that it’s a big waste of energy and time trying to prove who is mightier or who wins more battles than the other. The love between the partners grows fonder to attain a deeper level of maturity.


Stage 5- Reaching to the commitment in love: This is the next stage when you stay stronger and united in emotional needs by removing all sorts of conflicting boundaries and take an oath to stand by each other come what may with the decision of getting engaged.

Stage 6- Achieving pure bliss in love: This stage marks the final step of becoming one soul in two bodies by a legal wedding and never-ending selfless love.